How to Switch Out Your Handbag Quickly!

I love changing my handbags to help give my
outfit a different spin.  The only thing I hate is rooting through what I
normally carry in my bag and transferring it from one to another.  However, I
found a simple way to save time and speed up the process.

Try to find a clear pouch that will fit inside
most of your handbags.   The size needs to accommodate a few other
colored pouches or zippered bags for things you always carry.  For example,
your cosmetic bag may be blue, another for your wallet could be red, one for
your phone could be yellow, etc.  
The whole idea is to have one big pouch
ready to go when you need to transfer bags.  

Coordinating the colors of the smaller bags makes
it easy to distinguish what is what through that larger, clear bag, especially
when sizing down on tiny handbags such as a clutch.

Sewing your own bag system is another
option.  You can get as creative as you like, but the same principle
applies with smaller bags of different colors that you can quickly recognize.


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