The Power of Perfume to Melt Frozen Locks

the power of perfume for frozen locks


For some reason, my side of the street always seems to get more snow than opposite us.  There was just enough snow still falling to wet your coat and hat, but I wanted to clear my sidewalk for my mailman and any deliveries before the temperatures plunged into the negative range.  I wasn’t out there all that long and then something horrible happened once I tried to let myself back in. The latch on my storm door had frozen shut.  I forgot about bringing a bottle of perfume to melt frozen locks if this happened. I thought someone would hear and let me back inside, but no one heard.

I knocked and knocked, but my attempts went unanswered.  When the wind picked up, I pounded against that door as loud as I could.  Still, no one came to my rescue.

Disgusted, I trudged up my long driveway and headed to the front of my house.  I tried ringing my door bell, but that thing had frozen and was of no use to me.

I tried to open the front storm door, but I also found it had frozen shut.  Therefore, I began pounding at the front door this time.  Surely, I thought I would be heard–or at least missed.

After waiting and pounding without any luck, I marched back down my driveway.  I thought maybe I just might have been overlooked on route.  My person could be waiting for me at that other door–at least, I was hoping that would be the case.

Now, you probably are thinking why wouldn’t I just head over to a neighbor and seek their help.  Simple.  Everyone left already for work.  Otherwise, I would have got them to call over to my
house to let me back in.

Unfortunately, it took a couple of laps and lots of pounding before I was finally discovered.

After I got warm with a pot of tea and had use of my brain again, I remembered that perfume can melt frozen locks.  I knew it worked on frozen car door locks, but I wasn’t sure how well it would be on a storm door latch.

Without waiting another second, I grabbed a bottle and headed back down to my door.  I sprayed a few times and watched the ice melt before my eyes, dripping away.  Because of perfume, the latch was unfrozen and opened easily again.

I do keep a small spray bottle of perfume in my handbag, but when you go out with your shovel or broom, you don’t usually carry anything else. From now on, I plan to keep a small bottle in my coat pocket to avoid being stuck in the cold.

Something else you may also want to try if you’re out of perfume is rubbing your key with hand sanitizer before trying to insert it into the frozen lock.  This technique can take more time so be patient. You may need to even repeat this treatment.  But like perfume, it also has alcohol, which lowers the melting temperature of ice.  However, I prefer perfume and now always carry it with me on those bad weather days.

Thank goodness for perfume to melt frozen locks because it can save your life from winter emergencies besides just beautify it!



  1. dorcontest
    January 8, 2014 / 12:18 pm

    Wow, I am always carrying perfume… especially with these cold temperatures. You made me giggle this morning 🙂

  2. Mary B. (Nuts4Stuff)
    January 8, 2014 / 1:28 pm

    After this experience was over, I also got a charge out of it. I was just lucky to have someone inside to EVENTUALLY let me back in. Good thing that my person didn't come look for me because we both would have been stuck out there!

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