Have You Tried Facial Toner for Your Nails Yet?

have you tried facial toner for your nails yet


Before you do your next manicure, you may want to try this simple tip before you are about to polish.  Take a cotton ball that you have moistened with a bit of your facial toner and wipe your lacquer-free, clean nails with it first. This may sound a bit farfetched, but I promise you will be delighted in the difference this one additional measure can make toward a lovelier finish.

This extra step of using facial toner removes those natural oils and any residue left from your hand cream that may be lingering around your nails so that you get a cleaner surface before you reach for that base coat or polish.  Otherwise, you always risk a trace of grime or skin oil remaining that could spoil the beauty of your work.

So it you wondering why your manicure turns prettier at times than others, it could be something as simple as lingering traces of hand cream!

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