NEW Mineral Fusion Natural Brands Curl Care Beauty Balm Review

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Mineral Fusion Curl Care Beauty Balm

Mineral Fusion Natural Brands recently came out
with some new hair styling products. The line includes four beauty balms geared
to a specific hair concern. 
Each tube does
a lot of different tasks in one as it styles

and cares for hair with botanicals and minerals to keep it healthy and 

I was sent the Curl Care formula (for curl
enhancing) to review.  However, there is also
Repair (
to hydrate and correct damage), Vibrant Shine (for adding
gloss), and the Volumizing (to build up hair with extra lift) in these
beauty balms.

Though you can use this beauty balm in dry hair, I always
prefer applying after towel-drying, freshly washed hair.

I do have some natural curl in my hair that appears the
more my hair is layered.  Right now, I am wearing my hair smoother with
just slight layering.  

After I squeezed out about a nickel-sized amount, I
finished styling.  This product safeguards hair color and protects it
against heat, which I liked.

The Curl Care Beauty Balm gave my hair extra shine
and softness without any frizziness.   I also noticed my hair gained a
light hold with a nice bounce to it. 

The line of beauty balms is free of paraben, sulfate, and

Mineral Fusion Beauty Balms retail for
$12.99 each for the 5 fl. oz. tube.  To learn more visit
website or Whole Foods Markets.

*Disclaimer:  This is my own honest opinion. 
A free products was  provided solely to facilitate this review.*


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