Philip B. Botanical Products Lavender Hand Wash Review

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Philip B. Lavender Hand Wash 

I wasn’t exactly sure what it was about Philip
B. Botanical Products
Lavender Hand Wash that appealed to me
more–the gentleness of the way it cleansed with natural botanicals or the
lingering fresh lavender scent left behind from washing with it. 
However, I couldn’t be more pleased with how the mild formula worked on
sensitive hands.

Regardless of the season, I go through a lot of
hand creams with how easily my hands chap and get irritated.  Believe it or
not, I get hurting hands pretty much just by doing simple chores like washing
dishes.  With
my delicate hands, I looked forward to trying this liquid soap because it
sounded like a highly promising moisturizing  botanical cleanser with
vitamins and soothing natural ingredients such as sweet almond  and
safflower oils along with pure Provencal lavender as a natural antiseptic that
would treat my hands with care and my mood with its aromatherapy benefits. 

This hand wash produces a nice fragrant lather
without being too strong.  In fact, I loved how each pump releasing that
wonderful lavender scent remained.  What else I noticed
after using it thorough the day was that my hands were feeling softer than they
normally do, which surprised me.  

This was the first product that I ever tried from
this company.  Now that I have discovered Philip B. Botanical Products with
this Lavender Hand Wash that I like very much, I am curious about
looking into their hair care products next.  

The 11.8 oz. Philip B. Botanical Products Lavender Hand Wash retails for $29.  Do check this product out because it is
really like having three products in one–a convenient gentle cleanser,
aromatherapeutic fragrance, and a hand softening treatment. 

This is my own honest opinion.  A free product was provided solely to
facilitate this review.*


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