Start Spring Fresh With Juicy Tones of Orange to Play Up Lips: Red Apple Lipstick Style (Plush Pop, Firefly, Sunkissed, Fuzzy Navel) Review + Swatches!

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Red Apple Lipsticks and gloss.jpeg
Going from left to right is Red Apple Lipsticks:  Fuzzy Navel,  Plush Pop, Firefly, and ending with Sunkissed on the right.

You know that warm weather is approaching when
bright, fruity shades of color appear in cosmetic displays.  When
Apple Lipstick
reached out and asked if I would like to review four of their
orange lippies, I was more than happy to see what new exciting shades they
developed next, especially since I love their safer formulated lipsticks and
glosses.  After all, it gives me peace of mind knowing that I need not
worry about what toxic chemical I may be ingesting every time I take a sip of
coffee or eat anything just for beauty.

The first one that I want to share with you is
Mint 2 Be Gloss in Fuzzy Navel.  I really liked that
burst of mint-like moisture that keeps your lips so comfortable in this line’s
formula almost as much as that peach-pink color, which is delicate and fresh,
almost like Spring itself.  This gloss stays intact and within your lip
lines for hours.

Red Apple Lipsticks Mint to be gloss.jpeg
Here I’m wearing Fuzzy Navel.

Plush Pop is a more demure form of
orange.  This lipstick has a cool metallic gleam to it with touches of pink
and brown.  Of the three lipsticks, this was my favorite and the best way
to get comfortable with this particular color.

Red Apple Lipstick Plush Pop swatch.jpeg
Isn’t Plush Pop that I’m modeling pretty?

The next lipstick I sampled was Firefly
This is the brightest pop of orange that will wet your lips like a juicy
popsicle with traces of gold shimmer showing through.  Though lovely, I
think this color would look best on a blonde with different coloring than mine.

Red Apple Lipstick Firefly swatch.jpeg
This is Firefly that I am showing you here.

Last, I tried on Sunkissed, which looked
quite nice on me with my dark hair and light coloring.  This was the
darkest of these orange lipsticks that had some red to it.  The shade can
wake up a face with sizzling color.  Against a tan, I can only imagine how
pretty that lively color would look.

Red Apple Lipstick Sunkissed swatch.jpeg
Take a look at Sunkissed.

My feeling is experiment with orange.  If
you give that hue a chance and let its warm radiance shine through on your own
lips, then you might be surprised on what it can do for your face and sunny
outlook in general. 

All three of these lipsticks retail for $23.50 on
Red Apple Lipstick and the Mint 2 Be Gloss sells for $18.50. 
Do check these orange lippies out.

*Disclaimer:  Free products were provided to
facilitate this review–not my opinion.*


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