Do You Know How to Test the Health of Your Hair?

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This beauty doesn’t take chances with the health of her hair.

In order to know the best way to handle your
hair, you need to determine what its true condition by running a few simple
tests.  Once you do, you will have an easier time of figuring out the right
products or style to always keep it looking great.

Test One

Here is test number one.  This will require
you to pull out a strand of your hair.  Now wrap that strand pretty firmly
between your thumb on one hand and index finger on the other.  Then tug it
a little further apart.  If that strand snaps right away, your hair may be
overly dry.  However, if it stretches and seems to have some elasticity to
it by bouncing back to its original shape when that tense hold is removed, you
can feel fairly confident that your hair is healthy. Hair that stretches, but
doesn’t spring back is a sign that it is a little damaged and somewhat on the
dry side, requiring a conditioner.

Test Two

Test number two requires a glass of water and
another strand of hair that you will add to it.  If you see that hair sink
to the bottom, your hair is parched and needs deep conditioning.  On the
other hand, if that strand floats, this signals healthy, fully hydrated
hair.  This happens because the drier the hair, the more it absorbs water.

Test Three

For this last test, you will need to yank out
another strand of hair as well as locate a sewing needle.  What you are
going to do is try threading the bottom of that strand (not the tip from the
root) through the eye of that needle.  If your hair manages to go through
that needle, then your hair is in excellent shape.  But, if the strand is
snagging in the process, your hair cuticle is damaged and frayed.  Then
again, another possibility of its failure to go through is you could have split
ends and benefit from a trim.


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