John Frieda’s Full Volume Hair Dryer Review

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John Frieda’s Full Volume Hair Dryer

You might think picking out the perfect hair
dryer for yourself is as easy as pulling out your credit card.  Yet, with
all the models and price ranges are you sure that the one you have in mind has
exactly the features you need or are you overpaying?  The next time you are
in the market for a new hair dryer, you might be interested in
John Frieda’s Full
Volume Hair Dryer
that I was sent to review because this one may pleasantly
surprise you for an inexpensive model.

This gun-shaped dryer has 1875 watts of power, a
lightweight AC motor, high voltage advanced ionic generator, three heat
settings, two speeds, and a cold-shot button. 

Using this dryer did make my drying time a snap
while it also blew in enough bouncy volume and gloss due to its ionic and
ceramic technology. As I worked my brushes drying, the cold shot button locked
in my natural curl nicely without my need of further curling.  Due to the
ionic technology, I noticed my hair had no static electricity problem with any
weird flyaway hair.

I started with one of the two concentrator
attachments it comes with, but used the diffuser the next day.  Wow, did my
natural curl spring up through my layers once I did that.  

Its titanium and ceramic coating was specifically
designed for gentler and more even heat distribution.  This is important if
you ever dried your hair and remembered that smell of hair burning as you aimed
heat at it.  

It also looks to be of studier construction than
some of the plastic models that I have owned.  At the same time, it also
feels a bit heavier than others I have used as well.

I did think the John Frieda’s FullVolume Hair Dryer was a wonderful performer.  It dried quickly, added
an extra shine and did seem to make even more of my natural curls, especially
when I attached the diffuser.  Do check this product out because I think
you would like it!


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