Thymes Classics Ginger Milk Cologne Review

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Thymes Classics Ginger Milk Cologne

Due to popular demand, Thymes brought back
several of their discontinued fragrances in their Classics line.  Ginger
was one of the four that returned to this collection that also saw the
return of Fig Leaf & Cassis, Sleep Well, and Green Tea
Though I missed the opportunity to try this delicate citrus fragrance laced with
spice when it first arrived on the market, I can see why the company had
to do the right thing and bring it back once I got a whiff of this cologne.

With the way its uplifting notes of ginger played
with the lime as the fragrance opened and later tangled with the zesty tamarind
notes in the heart, this perfumista was immediately drawn into its intriguing,
modern aroma.  

The artful combination gives this haunting mix a lightness
to the spice and tangy citrus that is as uniquely different and precious as a
beautiful snowflake–except this one does not melt as it warms like its
counterpart. Instead the well-chosen notes add an element of comfort to this
lovely, refreshing puzzle with the graceful hold this feminine fragrance exerts. 

As the fragrance dries down, it becomes deliciously sheer and enticing with
creamy vanilla, cucumber and amberette seed, weaving a seductive spell that you
can’t let go of.

If what I’m describing sounds like your type of
fragrance, I definitely recommend visiting Thymes.  The 3.25 oz. Ginger
Cologne retails for $60.  Also products in the collection include Bath
& Shower Gel ($25), Body Lotion ($33), and Home Fragrance Mist

Take it from me, Mary B., there is good reason Thymes
brought Ginger Milk back–it is a fragrance treasure!


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