Nail Remedies for Growing and Strengthening Nails

Weak nails have plenty of DIY beauty options to improve their condition.


My weak nails are prone to ridges and breaking. Having allergies makes them react adversely at times to some nail products and lacquers, which compounds the problem.  However, I found some great tricks that are helping to strengthen and keep them healthier.  Here are some wonderful DIY nail remedies that can make a difference in helping your nails.

In addition to using a homemade protein-rich soak, I have been immersing my nails daily for about five to ten minutes in apple cider vinegar or warm olive oil, rotating one day with the vinegar and the next with the oil.  Usually, I make time to do this when watching television or taking a coffee break.

I also have been massaging them with castor oil every day as well.  At the same time, with all the vitamin E packed in the castor oil, it is intensifying the benefit of the olive oil for shaping up my cuticles.

Just as important, I have been taking additional vitamins of biotin, calcium, magnesium, and zinc to also tackle the problem from the inside from a nutritional standpoint.

The longer than I have been doing the rotating cider vinegar-olive oil soak in combination with the castor oil treatment, the better conditioned my nails are becoming.  My nails are gradually strengthening because they are breaking less. Furthermore, my nails are growing faster now.

For more tips, do read my earlier post that I shared because these suggestions can possibly help you too!  You also should check out my DIY Moisturizing Nail Soak that is especially wonderful to use during cold weather.


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