Review: Beyonce’s NEW Rise Eau de Parfum Spray

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Beyonce’s Rise Eau de Parfum Spray

Super talented, Beyonce has done it again and launched her ninth perfume. Rise, which just hit stores February 2014, is a sensational tribute of helping a woman find inner strength to overcoming self-defeating barriers that keep her from shining with the confidence and beauty of a superstar that is within all women. 

This addictive fruity-floral created by perfumer, Loc Dong, is a mastery of spirit, will, and passion that will take you by storm with the sophistication it encompasses.

The fragrance sparkles with bright notes of apricot, Italian bergamot and iced basil sorbet as it opens. The result is a fluid, fresh start.

The floral heart is romantic and feminine, but strong as well. With orchid, freesia, and Sambac jasmine flowers, those notes contribute a voluptuous and empowering feel to the fragrance, which skillfully emerges as it warms.

As this heady scent dries down it further entices with sexy notes of autumn woods, cashmere, musk, and vetiver. The combination with its powdery appeal is so alluring that you will love the seductive way it tenderly beckons.

If you appreciate a luxurious fruity-floral bordering on light, woody-oriental, then you need to experience Beyonce’s Rise Eau de Parfum because it is glorious. Do check it out and you will be glad you did.

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