Coolway’s NEW True Smooth Spray Gets More Bang From Your Blowout!–(Review)

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Coolway’s NEW True Smooth Spray

When popped Coolway’s new
Smooth Spray
into the mail for me to review, I was eager to give it a
try.   After all, if this hair product was half as good as it was
described  for smoothing out my style, drying my hair faster, adding more
shine while protecting my hair against damaging heat from styling irons, I
would be excited.  If this meant better hair and reducing the number of
products to do it, including costs, I would call it a real beauty find.

Coolway has won multiple beauty awards
already.  Always striving ahead, their True Smooth Spray is another
example of their innovative technology with the development of a revolutionary Amino
Lock MAB molecule,
which will end your dependence on flat irons and
strengthen hair. Heat from the blow dryer activates that technology and
works deeply from inside the hair to hold your style while drying it.  

You need to apply this product after washing your
hair while it is still wet.  With my mid length, I sprayed my head
thoroughly all over with 35 blasts before even combing.  Instead of some
chemical smell, this spray had a pleasant tropical fragrance to it.  

Coolway's NEW True Smooth Spray different angle.jpeg
Coolway’s True Smooth Spray

My hair is exceptionally thick with what I
consider a normal texture.   Usually it takes me close to an hour to
do my hair.  When I began drying, I had to admit this product worked
fabulously cutting down that time significantly, practically slashing twenty
minutes off.  Also, I loved the extra gloss and the fact that I found less
hair attached to my ceramic brushes that I use as I style when I finished blow

As incredible as True Smooth Spray is, I
am going to reserve it for those special times when I am going all glamorous
because I know it will not let me down.  The only problem for everyday use
is all the spraying to make those beautiful results possible.  However, I
can’t say enough about also about how polished and stronger my hair looked in
addition to speeding up that drying time.

What I am sharing with you is my own experience
on thick hair.  Do look into this product because the only way you are
going to believe what True Smooth Spray is capable of is trying it
firsthand on your own hair.  

This is the perfect time to test True Smooth Spray out
because you can save 10% off it’s $34.95 price or any Coolway purchases
(not including shipping and taxes) at when you enter coupon code BeautyStat14
at checkout. 

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