Beauty Fixes for Dark Under Eye Circles

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Many of us suffer from ugly dark circles under our eyes. Whether you come by yours through heredity, lack of sleep, allergies, aging, sun, stress, diet, or even due to the prescriptions you may take, dealing with this problem can be a challenge.

Even the best concealing products on the market can do only so much by temporarily hiding those black, raccoon eyes.  Of course, certain eye creams can help more than others because of beneficial ingredients.

For example, ingredients like caffeine and vitamin K constricts blood vessels to make that pooled blood under the skin less noticeable. Vitamin C and arnica are other ingredients that you also need to check those eye cream labels for since they can brighten and heal. Another ingredient that can do well for your eyes is almond oil, which is rich in fatty acids and also helps in lighting darkness.

However, you can find some wonderful treatments for this problem in your own kitchen that you may not be aware of like the power of smashed bananas or some slices of cucumbers used in conjunction with some almond oil to lighten under eye darkness.

Mash about a third of a banana. Then wash your face and take what you need and apply some carefully under your eyes. Prepare to chill out for about a half hour to give nature the time it needs to work before rinsing.

You also might want to try soaking a few slices of cucumber that you cut one-quarter inch thick in a few tablespoons of almond oil. (I like to save most of the cucumber for salad and reserve two of slices of that size in a small container with two tablespoons of the almond oil). You don’t put this mix on immediately. Instead, you let the cukes soak with the oil for about twenty minutes first. Afterwards, you dry your cucumber slices off with a towel and then lay down with one slice on each eye for about fifteen minutes or so.

Another suggestion is to try whipping up this natural under eye lightening paste that has tumeric powder and pineapple juice. Try a teaspoon of the tumeric powder and gradually add only enough pineapple juice to form a paste that is thick enough to spread under your eyes. Be sure the area is clean first before applying. Keep this paste on for about fifteen minutes and then rinse off.

Living with year-round allergies, I am always trying new products, recipes, and ways to cope with the problem. While these may not completely solve under eye circles, these natural remedies that I am sharing do seem to help more than you may believe. I do encourage you to give them a try!


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