Soap & Glory’s Original Pink–Perfume, Hand Food and the Righteous Body Butter Review

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Soap & Glory's Original Pink--Perfume, Hand Food and the Righteous Body Butter.jpeg
Soap & Glory’s Original Pink–Perfume, Hand Food and the Righteous Body Butter

Rose, gardenia and jasmine’s sweet floral scent
blends effortlessly with luscious strawberries, fresh lemon, peach, and orange
leaf in Soap & Glory’s Original Pink fragrance, an
intriguing, modern fruity-floral that takes you on a riveting journey of the
Regardless of the form this scent may take or how it may change
somewhat, it reflects unwavering confidence and a spunky, happy attitude that
are delightful and quite contagious. 

Take the Original Pink Eau de Parfum ($38). 
From the fragrance notes, I never expected such a bold entrance. 
Nonetheless, in this form the scent was intensely brisk as it opened, almost to
the point of giving the scent a peppery aroma.  Then as it warmed in the
heart, the more the fragrance evolved, releasing that lovely lifting of floral
and fruit sweetness.  In the dry down, this fragrance lingered like a
beautiful memory due to haunting notes of powdery patchouli, amber, and

Soap & Glory's Original Pink Perfume.jpeg
Soap & Glory’s Original Pink Perfume

Soap & Glory's Original Pink Hand Food.jpeg
Soap & Glory’s Original Pink Hand Food

The Original Pink scented Hand Food ($12)
is a lighter fruity-floral scent without the peppery feel that the perfume
has.   This creamy formula is very soothing on chapped hands and does
great work repairing the redness with healing ingredients like shea butter, macadamia oil and marshmallow.
I appreciated how quickly this product sunk into my
skin without leaving any sticky or greasy feeling behind.  Just as
wonderful was how long that bright, fruity-floral scent lasted on my hands
despite washing.

Soap & Glory's Original Pink Righteous Body Butter.jpeg
Soap & Glory’s Original Pink Righteous Body Butter

Last of all, I softened my body with a fragrant
veil of Original Pink scented Righteous Body Butter ($22) from
that convenient pump dispenser The feel of this product is lush
and so pampering with its

shea and cocoa seed butters, sweet almond and rosehip seed
oils, aloe vera, glycerin, and vitamin E while that uplifting wave of fruits and
floral with vanilla and seductive sandalwood stayed with me like a lasting smile.  This is a breezy, pleasant
fragrance that is perfect for summer or just whenever you need to feel

check these
Soap & Glory’s

products out.  The
Body Butter

are my favorites for both moisturizing and the lovely, lighter way the scent
plays out itself. 

This is my own honest opinion.  A free product was provided solely to
facilitate this review.*


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