The Joyous Return of Thymes Classics Green Tea Cologne (Review)

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Thymes Classics Green Tea Cologne

Why Thymes ever got rid of their Green Tea Cologne is a mystery to me. This crisp, fresh green floral is so soft and feminine that it is hard to imagine why the company ever felt the need to deny us this pleasure. Fortunately, this fragrance is back in their collection!


The fragrance opens with a brisk rush of green tea that soon meets up with Moroccan rose that curbs the crispness, lightening it to a sheerer scent, more green than floral. 

As the scent warms in the heart, notes of honey and spices add a delectable sweetness to the mix that gives it an interesting depth. Those warm and spicy notes make for an irresistible soft and sensual fragrance.

Undeniably earthy and seductive, the base is powdery and exquisitely alluring with earthy notes of warm amber, cedarwood, oak, and teak. 

This is a charming fragrance that I know would appeal to anyone, especially those that love green scents. With its lightness, I think Green Tea Cologne would be appropriate for day or night. 

The 3.25 oz. Green Tea Cologne retails for $60 at Thymes.  Do look for this fragrance.


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  1. dorcontest
    April 9, 2014 / 11:27 am

    Oh, I like this. Thanks

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