Another Top Mother’s Day Fragrance Pick–Lavanila’s Healthy Vanilla Summer Fragrance (Review)

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Lavanila’s Healthy Vanilla Summer Fragrance

If you want a deliciously seductive scent served up as a lush tropical bouquet of mangos, pineapple, creamy coconut milk further sweetened with island sugar cane against warm Madagascar vanilla, then I know the best way to get there. Lavanila’s Healthy Vanilla Summer Fragrance is your ticket to that exotic island paradise, where your most beautiful dreams become reality.  

As inviting as that warm ocean breeze, you will delight in how those sun-riped fruits beneath that burst of warm vanilla magnificently come to life in this special blend of pure essential oils, botanicals, and antioxidants of this healthier, all natural perfume.  This fragrance starts out with juicy freshness before those luscious fruits add that tempting sweetness, enhanced to perfection with just the right measure of rich Madagascar vanilla.

Softly romantic and lingering, both your senses and heart will soar over this bewitching combination that will haunt you with its loveliness. Soon you will hear the ocean waves and feel that heat fill every pore like you are suddenly there enjoying that special tropical retreat, reserved just for you–and that someone special because this decadent fragrance provides that magical escape. 

Anyone that thinks all vanilla-based fragrance is pretty much the same, I tend to strongly disagree.  Lavanila brings a precious uniqueness to each of their healthy fragrances that I have tried that makes this perfumista long to possess them all.  

Equally impressive is how long those enticing fragrances of theirs can safely last on your wrist.  As you guess, I am quite a fan of their work.

The 1.7 oz. Lavanila Healthy Vanilla Summer Fragrance retails for $58.  Do pick one up for yourself and think of what a great gift this would make this Mother’s Day.  


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