Hot Summer Lip Balm Pick–Korres Lip Butters (Mango, Quince, Jasmine) Review + SWATCHES!

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Starting on the left is Jasmine, Mango, and Quince on the right.

If you’re looking for a super-moisturizing tinted lip balm that won’t let you down when you need hours of lasting hydration, then I know just the thing to make your dry lips happy.  I suggest checking out Korres Lip Butters from Greece’s oldest homeopathic pharmacy.

With shea butter, natural oils and extracts, these little pots of lip butter really do soothe and soften lips incredibly well. They have a pleasant fruit smell and even taste a bit fruity of the ones I tried, especially yummy Mango

The color is fresh, sheer, and shiny with seven shades in all. Mango looks like an orange-yellow but appears with pink tones once on.  Quince is a pinker-plum color that can give your summer lips quite the edge. Jasmine is a soft nude-pink that would look great with a tan.

This product leaves your lips satisfied afterwards instead of desperately needing to reapply. At the same time, you get some color while caring for your lips with beneficial ingredients.  

Do visit Korres and check the Lip Butters ($12) out as well as their other products.  After this experience, this is exactly what I plan to do!    

This is Mango.
Take a look at Quince.

This one is Jasmine.


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