Moroccan-Hammam Spa Kit With Argan Oil Review

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I would like to introduce you to the Moroccan-Hammam Spa Kit that arrived for this review. The all natural, 100% organic products are meant to cleanse and promote a sense of well-being like a traditional Moroccan hammam or bathhouse.

The first product in this kit is their Black Soap.  This is a thick paste of organic soil, olive oil, salt, hash, water, and olive pits following the traditional Moroccan recipe and made in Morocco.  It also may contain either eucaplyptus globules or rosemarinus officinalis for stimulating the senses.  

My jar of Black Soap had a sticker with Eucaplyptus attached.  However, rosemarinus officinalis should be avoided by pregnant and breast-feeding women so do keep that mind.
You are meant to apply this black natural soap to your body only and keep it on for about five minutes before exfoliating briskly with the Kessa glove.

After you rinse the dead skin and this black paste off, the next step is slathering on the Rassoul, also stickered Eucalyptus to tone skin.  The ingredients are dark beige natural clay for its minerals like iron and magnesium, glycerin, and unspecified essential oils.  After you coat yourself with this, you are to leave it on for a few more minutes before rinsing off.  

Finally, there is the Argan Oil spray with vitamin E.  The bottle states Hair and Body Care, but at the company’s website it can also be used on the face as well.   This is vitamin-E rich for dry skin and hair help direct from the argan tree. My bottle leaked oil from the around cap and could benefit from a seal.

This Spa Kit retails for $39 at Moroccan-Hammam.


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