Review: New Hard Candy Cosmetics to Be on the Lookout for!

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Six new Hard Candy Cosmetics to check out.

Hard Candy Cosmetics has expanded their collection significantly with some new products that launched Spring 2014.  You will also notice new shades in some of the already established lines as well while a few such as Meteor-eyes and Kal-eye-descope have slimmed down. I was sent a varied assortment that I know you will want to hear about before you go shopping.

The new Cheeks & Balances ($7) was what caught my attention first. This is a cream blush stick in with a highlight on one side and the contour shade on the other that has a small wheel at the side to swivel it up. 

Sweet Cheeks (805) was a gorgeous shade of warm pink-peach made even better after I turned that square plastic container and blended in its shimmery, petal-pink side.  My cheeks glowed.  This square shape does make this creamy blush easier to contour and play up those cheekbones I learned the more you practice.  As to how long it wore, I would estimate about four or five hours before you might want to add more color.  Two other color options are available: Cheeky Pink (767) and Sun Kissed (768)

Next, I zoomed in on the pan of Single & Loving It ($3).   This is a single multicolor pan of eye shadow that comes in six colors in all.  Oink! (773) is a mix of soft warm pink, beige-tan, and an off-white. The pan is rather small to target each color and worked best for me by taking my brush and swirling the shades together.  The result was a beautiful way to open up the eyes with its shimmering luster of pale pink-beige. 

Ahead was one of the eleven Hard Candy’s Pop Art Nail Lacquers ($4). This takes glittery nails to bold new places with chunks of matte glitter to form intricate designs.  King of Pop (797) makes nails a work of art with shades of sky blue, peach, white, and navy for impact.

Though the Sheer Envy Primers ($8) have been out for a while, I had never gotten around to trying any yet until two of the new ones arrived.  Six makes up the line of these silicone-based primers.

The Dark Spot Correcting 752 has a pale green tint to help counteract any redness.  A little of this thick product is enough for smoothing out your complexion once you give it a few seconds to set.  I was surprised at how it seemed to brighten up my skin, including an emerging pimple that sought to ruin my day after applying my foundation and left me with a velvety finish.  

Having dry and not oily skin, I thought the Shine Free 806 Primer would be a problem.  To the contrary, this worked better than I expected for me.  Remember to use sparingly or it can tend to accumulate in any lines.  

A Take Me Out Liner ($4) was the last among my new Hard Candy beauty goodies.  There are 18 shades of these eyeliner pencils with built-in sharpeners in the cap.  I received one of the glittery choices in that lineup, Handcuffs (814), a metallic silver.  This liner was creamy for spreading without smearing and just what eyes need what you want to grab some night time attention.

What I like the most about Hard Candy Cosmetics is how easy it is to get the looks you’re after without dropping a wad of cash in the process.  If you haven’t tried any of these products yet, you will want to.  

For me, the next thing on my list is their Mod Squad Shadows.  However, there so many new temptations that it is hard to decide!  Do you also have that problem with the new products from Hard Candy Cosmetics?

*Disclaimer: Free products were provided to facilitate this review–not my opinion.*


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