Now There’s No Excuse for Bad Hair! –Chroma Studio Hair Products Collection Has Arrived (Review)

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Chrome Studio Hair Products
Chrome Studio Hair Products.

Great hair and good looks are a winning combination.  You can’t have one without the other unless you know where to turn. If you want fabulous hair that looks like you just stepped out of a salon, then you need professional products like the collection that I have been using lately from Chroma Studio.

With the great results this stylist had beautifying clients in Hollywood, California, a collection was in order to make those salon treatments available for the rest of us. The line intended to correct dehydrated, brittle hair consists of seven color-safe products: Aqua Shampoo ($25), Aqua Conditioner ($26), Volume Heat Protection ($24), Sculpt ($24), Sculpt and Tone ($26), Shine ($24), and Control Hair Spray ($24).

The Aqua Shampoo smells divine with a light perfume that has a hint of vanilla I believe.  Paraben free with UV protection and rich moisturizers, this formula lathers up well without having to pour much on.  

I followed up with the Aqua Conditioner. This is also a caring, but lightweight formula without sulfates or parabens that adds volume and helps fight frizz while it hydrates.  This product combats knots like a champ.

Next, I sprayed their Volume Heat Protection before I grabbed my blow dryer to safeguard vulnerable hair from heat damage. This product also helps give the hair some lift.

Sculpt and Tone is advertised as a soft hold styling cream with a toner to eliminate brassiness that later went on my slightly damp hair.  This tinted cream has a consistency more like a pliable putty for texture.  

Since I didn’t know how much I would need, I always like to start with a small amount to see how the product would handle my hair.  Let me tell you, readers, this stuff is one of the best hair products that I have ever used for the way it controlled the force of my down-growing, long sweep of bangs. There were no escapees of wispy bangs either. Furthermore, Sculpt and Tone didn’t leave my hair hard but touchable and soft with wonderful hold, not any wimpy, barely there control.  

I was feeling prettier even before I applied their olive oil-based shine spray, Shine, which gave me mirror-like gloss! You can also use this spray as a detangler.

I never heard of an adjustable hold hair spray, where by rotating the nozzle you can change your choice of soft, medium, or strong hold to match your style.  Their Control Hair Spray was a first.  It made sure my hair stayed in place the way I liked.

Sculpt is their soft hold styling cream, which I tried next time. I really loved how the Sculpt and Tone handled my bangs that I used that product for that area and went with the Sculpt for the rest of my hair.  My slightly layered cut allows me to either play up the waves of my natural curl or smooth it with products.  Sculpt gave a smoother curl with nice, moveable hold.

I highly recommend checking out Chroma Studio and their amazing hair products, especially Sculpt and Tone if you have problem hair that fights you at every turn like mine. Seriously, try the collection, view their video while you’re there for benefits and pointers, and thank me later!


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