Pack A Hat From Cappelli Straworld Offers Portable Sun Protection (Review)

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Cappelli Straworld Pack a Hat with Zippered Totes.jpeg
Cappelli Straworld Pack a Hat with Zippered Totes

Summer will be here in a matter of weeks.  If you’re intending on safely enjoying the sun and those outdoor jaunts to the beach, park, garden, or wherever the mood takes you, then it is always a good idea to protect yourself.  

When I know that I will be spending a lot of time in that hot sun, I like to wear my straw hat that has a wide brim and decorated with an attractive, ornate ribbon.  However, packing my pretty hat requires knowing ahead that I will need it.

Other times when it becomes a last minute decision to do something outdoors and you find yourself hatless, then it’s great to have what I received on hand in the car to save your head and hair from burning.  A prime example is this Pack A Hat from Cappelli Straworld that comes in a small striped, zippered bag with a foldable, matching pre-treated cloth hat with a wide brim and UPF 50 sun protection.  

You may look a bit wrinkled at first when you pull it out, but when your head is at stake and you’re suffering in the hot sun, this hat will be your new best friend.

To find out more about Pack A Hat and where to buy, do check out their website.

Pack A Hat retails for $25 and is available in twelve shades.

*Disclaimer: Free products were provided to facilitate this review–not my opinion.*


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