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Travel Sweepstakes Aficionado

Entering sweepstakes is so much fun. Before I started my blog, I used to enter regularly and win fairly often. There are no car or trip wins yet that I can brag about, but I won a few large prizes and lots of small ones.  If you think entering sweepstakes is silly or a waste of time, then the better the odds for those of us that know differently.

Ordinary people like me win all the time. There is no secret strategy involved except entering as many sweepstakes as you can and being persistent. Allow yourself a set amount of time a day to do your sweepstakes and stick to it.

With all the countless sweepstakes available, it may be hard where to start.  My advice is deciding what you want to win most of all like cars or trips–and then concentrating your efforts on entering those sweepstakes.

What I didn’t know until learning about my new sponsor’s website, Travel Sweepstakes Aficionado, was that there was a specialized sweepstake site available where you enter strictly to win trips all in one place.  How great is that when you browse through destinations from around the globe or just look for ones like Beach Vacations in the United States and dream about where you want to vacation?

Finding dream vacations has never been easier because Travel Sweepstakes Aficionado has done the legwork for you, just search through categories like International Destinations, Trips to Australia, Trips to Europe, Trips to Asia, Trips to South America, Beach Vacations, and U.S. Destinations and browse tempting locales.

I compare sweeping to planting a garden because you never know what will sprout from your efforts.  So visit Travel Sweepstakes Aficionado and be sure to make it a bookmark because you will want to start entering all this sites fabulous getaways regularly and be on the prowl for all the new ones! 


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