A Quick Tip to Beautify Hair Before You Hit the Beach!

If are heading to the beach this summer, I have a wonderful tip how to give your hair a deep conditioning treatment at the same time that you’re having fun.  Pack a tiny bottle or packet of hair conditioner and carry it along with you in your tote with your wide-toothed comb. 

After you take a plunge in the ocean and tire from swimming, apply the conditioner liberally while the hair is still wet before you prepare to work on your tan.  By doing so, you will be multitasking in giving your hair a beneficial treatment effortlessly while you are relaxing.

Thanks to the warmth of the sun, the effects of the conditioner are enhanced.  What you will find is split ends look better and the rest of your hair is softer and more manageable instead of crispy, sunbaked and beachy-looking.


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