Cool Off This Summer With Minute Maid Juice Bars! (Review)

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Minute Maid Juice Bars

Instead of grabbing an ordinary popsicle, I have a better alternative to share with you. How does a frozen juice bar with 100% fruit juice appeal to you compared to just that hardly nutritious popsicle, loaded with fructose corn syrup?  

If you’re like me and crave some sinful frozen sweetness, I honestly believe you would love Minute Maid Juice Bars that arrived for this review.  They come in a box of 12 with Cherry, Grape, and Orange.  Besides being a healthier treat, each yummy bar is only a 40-calorie indulgence so you don’t need to feel guilty!

What else I love about these push up bars is that they take a long time to eat, which is always a good thing when you want to keep cool and savor that refreshing deliciousness without it falling off any stick. 

All the flavors taste so good that I can’t decide which of the three is my favorite.  I say to load up on these Minute Maid Juice Bars when you hit the frozen food isle because they are an ideal way to beat that heat!  

*Disclaimer: Free products were provided to facilitate this review–not my opinion.*


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