Review: DS Laboratories Revita High-Performance Hair-Stimulating Shampoo and COR Hair-Growth Stimulating Conditioner

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DS Laboratories

I don’t happen to have a problem with thinning hair.  However, my guy is another story.  He won’t admit that there is a sparse section in the back of his head that is beginning to show, despite knowing how many hairs he sheds.  Instead of bringing up a sensitive issue to him, I replaced his shampoo and conditioner with the Revita High-Performance Hair-Stimulating Shampoo and COR Hair-Growth Stimulating Conditioner from DS Laboratories to see if this duo would help improve the situation.

Revita High-Performance Hair-Stimulating Shampoo.jpeg
Revita High-Performance Hair-Stimulating Shampoo
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COR Hair-Growth Stimulating Conditioner

Knowing how well their Nia Helio Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner worked for me, I had great expectations of what their technology could achieve.  With multiple compounds of active ingredients such as Procyanidin B-2, amino acids, copper peptides, biotin, apple polyphenol, emu oil, spin traps, and more to feed, hydrate, and revitalize hair follicles, this Revita Shampoo sounded promising. The Revita Conditioner has active bio-adhesive and hydrophobic ingredients like stem cells, spin traps, niacinamide, arginine and others so they will remain on the scalp with the ability to keep on working for at least twelve hours after rinsing.   

When he comes home after working a long day in his office, he is too tired and stressed to notice much of anything during his shower before dinner.  However, his sense of smell caught onto the different scent because the water stopped longer than it takes him to soap up.

I could tell he looked wounded, but I told him I needed his male opinion on these products since they were geared for men.  Although I felt a bit guilty in stretching the truth, it was done in his best interest.   Knowing all the products that I am constantly testing, he nodded in understanding.

I asked what he thought so far.  He mentioned he liked the scent of both products and how good the shampoo felt on his scalp when lathering up, like a message.

The products did make his hair shiny and more manageable.   I moved in and examined what his hair felt like.  

My guy rolled his eyes.  He knows that I was making an initial assessment.  

I smiled because it was soft.  Realizing that you can’t expect miracles overnight, I waited patiently to keep checking his hair every night once he left the shower for any changes.  

Several days and then a week went by with nothing exciting to report except quite not as many falling hairs everywhere.  Another week went by and about the same amount of hairs ended up in the shower drain as that first week.  Then the weirdest thing happened close to the end of that third week, I could swear that emptier spot on his head looked like it filled in just a bit.  

Apparently, my guy also had been examining his head for progress.  “Is it my eyes or do I look like my hair is somewhat fuller?” he asked, staring at the back of his head with my hand mirror.  

“I was thinking the same thing,” I replied.  

This welcome news made my guy’s face light up like a candle.  “Even Martin noticed my hair looked better and asked what I was using.  He wants the link where to buy.”

What my guy experienced and the length of time it took to see his results with these products was based on his individual body chemistry.  You may notice improvement sooner or later or even not at all.  I only can tell you what happened on my guy’s head.

If you’re shedding hairs more than you would like, I think you should pop over to DS Laboratories and learn more about these Revita hair products because they can help.  

*Disclaimer: Free products were provided to facilitate this review–not my opinion.*



  1. Robin Wilson
    June 6, 2014 / 10:02 am

    I have Lupus and am currently on a cancer drug to try and stop a nearly 2 year flare. My hair is much thinner and finer. If this stuff really works, then perhaps it's a blessing!

  2. Mary B. (Nuts4Stuff)
    June 6, 2014 / 11:32 am

    Hi Robin,I do hope these products will work for you. However, do keep in mind every body is different plus whatever effect from the drugs they take. Good luck and you will be in my thoughts!

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