Hard Candy Cosmetics Mod Quad Line of Baked Eyeshadows Review–SWATCHES!

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Starting on the top row is Under the Moon (720) on the left with Pink Interlude (718) on the right. Bottom row on the left is Ivy League (722), then Smoke & Mirrors (721) and ending with Brownie Points (719) on the right.

Hard Candy came out with a lot of new products to tempt beauty lovers.  Take their  new line of five Mod Quad Baked Eyeshadow Compacts that arrived for this review.

Each of these compacts has four coordinated smoky shades that can help your eyes dazzle with a striking metallic luster just as the Kal-eye-descope Baked Eyeshadow Duos do.  

Pink Interlude (718) has beautiful tones of burgundy against softer champagne-beige highlights.  Brownie Points (719) has riveting browns.  Under the Moon (720) has periwinkle blue and rosy tones.  Smoke & Mirrors (721) has haunting gray and silver tones.  Last but not least, Ivy League (722) has olive, spring green tones and beige-pearl to give eyes that lovely impact.

In my opinion, the texture of the Mod Quad is more powdery with a bit more chunks of glitter than the Kal-eye-descope with the same beautiful metallic finish. The only difference is that used dry makes these gleaming shades appear slightly lighter. Nonetheless, these dreamy colors are quite versatile.

As to the length of wear, these shadows aren’t as long lasting as Kal-eye-descopes.  You need to apply primer to save yourself from creasing.  However, I found adding your primer extends the length infinitely.

Though if you do find a few chunks of glitter landing under your eyes, here is what you do. Take a pre-moistened cotton swab with a dab of water to it. This little trick lifts the glitter easily enough without spoiling your work.

I thought the Mod Quads are a great way to give your eyes a lot of exciting metallic looks for your buck ($6) as you can see from my swatches.

Starting by my wrist and going down my arm, you will find the four shades of Under the Moon (720), then Pink Interlude (718), and ending with the four shades of Smoke & Mirrors (721).
From my wrist and working down my arm you will meet the four shades of Ivy League (722) and ending with Brownie Points (719).

Do look for Hard Candy’s Mod Quad Baked Eyeshadows at Walmart the next time you go shopping.  


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