Review: Memebox #Hair & Body 2 Beauty Box + July 2014 Discount Code!

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Memebox #Hair & Body 2 Beauty Box.jpeg
Memebox #Hair & Body 2 Beauty Box

In a jungle of beauty boxes, Korean brand, Memebox really knows how to keep beauty loving girls happy with their glorious variety of enticing selections.  This time the company sent me their Memebox #Hair & Body 2, which is sensational for scented pampering for skin, hair, and nails.  

With the seven products inside, you can keep gorgeous from head to toe all summer long. 

The cost of this box was $23 plus $6.99 shipping. Unfortunately, #Hair & Body 2 sold out three days after its June 20 release.  When I tell you what you missed, you will understand why beauties worldwide need to put their order in early once such a tempting Memebox is made available! 

Explore the contents of Memebox #Hair & Body 2 with me below.  

Memebox #Hair & Body 2 Beauty Box products unboxed.jpeg
Memebox #Hair & Body 2 Beauty Box products unboxed

1.  Kocostar Foot Therapy 40ml–Full Size–$9.00

2.  Label Young Shocking Holjjuki 100 ml–Full Size–$21.00

3.  Hello Everybody Spa Vita Berry Shampoo 30 ml–Sample Size–$5.18

4.  Hello Everybody Spa Vita Berry Treatment 30 ml–Sample Size–$5.18

5.  Vidanail Lvida Lavender Oil 10ml–Full Size–$10.00

6.  Evas Cosmetics Body Net 7Days Project (Berry Complex) 200ml–Full Size–$6.00

7.  Boutique Bebe Hair Salon Argan Oil Essence 60ml–Full Size–$31.00

Total Value: $87.36

The Kocostar Foot Therapy was a fun way to moisturize feet just by slipping them into this translucent pair of socks filled with treatment.  It attached around the ankle and when worn for about an hour and half, it exfoliates hard skin gradually over the course of several days. This made for smoother, prettier feet for my new pair of sandals.

The Label Young Shocking Holjjuki was next on my list to try.  This cellulite buster draws out trapped toxins due to its green tea and algae extracts.  Though not a permanent solution, I did notice a bit less of that dimpled texture on my thighs after a few uses.

Hello Everybody Spa Vita Berry Shampoo has such a delicious fragrance that you will not want to rinse as you lather with this luscious formula of ten berry extracts.  

Next, I followed with the Hello Everybody Spa Vita Berry Treatment to further nourish it. My hair was shiny, manageable and possessed that lingering berry aroma.

The Vidnail Vida Lavender Oil was something special that I really enjoyed.  Imagine how fabulous it was inhaling lavender in a product to revive the condition of your nails. 

The Evas Cosmetics Body Net 7Days Project in Berry Complex made me feel like I was bathing in a fresh tub of foaming berries.  It was a perfect end to a long, hard day at the computer when you need to unwind a tired mind and body.

Last of all, I got a bottle of Boutique Bebe Hair Salon Argan Oil Essence.  Who doesn’t love argan oil hair serums?  This girl certainly does!  However, I just conditioned so I didn’t try this product yet, but I will the next time I do.

Since I can’t travel the world to personally shop for beauty products, I am so glad that Memebox brings the best of what Korean brands have to offer to us.  Our languages may be different, but we speak the same language when it comes to beauty. 

Here’s something exciting, readers, you can get $5 off your purchase on any Memebox selection when you enter discount code SJNCTE18HN at checkout starting July 1 until July 31, 2014.  This discount is limited to one time per customer.  

What are you waiting for, gorgeous, when there is Memebox’s website to browse?  Trust me, you are going to love what you find there!

*Disclaimer: Free products were provided to facilitate this review–not my opinion.*


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