Mally Beauty Cancellation Concealer System (Fair) Can Help Banish Darkness (Review)

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Mally Beauty Cancellation Concealer System (Fair) Concealer
This is the color of the concealer.

I count myself lucky to have a nice complexion.  However, my luck ran out when it came to under eye darkness due to my constant battle with year-round allergies.  As you can guess, I rely heavily on concealers to cover up those allergic shiners of mine or someone might accidentally take me for an extra zombie in Living Dead !

Naturally, this is not the type of attention I would like to attract.  As a result, I probably have more different brands and forms of concealers than some women have shoes. Though I had tried quite a few products from Mally Beauty, I had never gotten around to Mally Roncal’s solution. Therefore, I thought her Concealer Cancellation System (Fair) would be great to review.

Mally Beauty Cancellation Concealer System
This comes in a nice bag handy to pack and store.

What arrived is a three-piece system of a cream concealer (pink container), a finishing powder (silver container), and brush, housed in an adorable, soft pink pouch with a snap closure to store each separate metal container.  

As you can see from my photos, the color of the cream concealer is a light beige with a bit of peach to it, which is ideal for me with my light warm complexion.  After you load the flat side of that brush with product and dab it on any darkness, this concealer has a creamy texture and feels moisturizing.  

Make sure to remember just to dab, dab, dab instead of rubbing the concealer underneath your entire eye.  If you do that, you will run into problems just as you would with any concealer and have it settling into those fine lines.   The only finger that you should use as your secondary tool is that pinkie since it is the smallest and least likely finger to tug on fragile skin and ruin your concealer application.

I concentrated on the inner corner of under the eye near the nose and the far corner at the edge of the eyes, where I have pockets of scary black.  Once I dabbed with the brush carefully just to those small, targeted areas, I used my pinkie finger to gently tap the concealer in.  This is where you stop because you do not need to spread concealer on the entire under eye–only where it is needed.

Next, I flipped the brush to the other side and loaded it with the accompanying powder.  This is essential to locking in the concealer’s staying power because once I did, I had an extra bit of brightness that was good to go all day!  

Mally Beauty Cancellation Concealer System (Fair) Powder
Here is the powder for the final touch!

Seriously, if you’re having problems with your concealer, I recommend two things.  Do look into Mally Beauty’s Concealer Cancellation System ($35) because it will not leave you disappointed.  Equally important, I recommend changing your technique because a great product works hand in hand with how well you apply it.  Together, you can’t go wrong and will be amazed at how much better you’ll lighten that darkness!


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