Review: New Dazzling LAQA & Co.’s Cagney Gold Flecked Manicure Duo + Photos + SWATCH!

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Cagney Gold Flecked Manicure Duo.jpeg
Cagney Gold Flecked Manicure Duo

Now you can look extra special this season and really glam up for an upcoming party, wedding or any other big event with LAQA & Co.’s newest collection of three nail art pastel and black polishe pens.  

I was sent the Cagney Gold Flecked Manicure Duo ($16), which has a tulip-pink shade in one side and the other containing gold flecks to follow later.  Striving for keeping the nails lovely as well as healthy, just like their other polishes, there is no formaldehyde, toluene, or DHP. 

The brush makes for effortless application once I polished on top of my basecoat.  The formula was not too thin or too thick. It did settle more in some places than others as lot of others brands do as well so a second coat is advised to get that beautiful tulip pink shade.  

Below I photographed my nails prior to adding the gold flecks.  As you can see, the color is just as pretty for when you prefer a more demure look.

Swatch of Cagney Gold Flecked Manicure Duo before adding gold flecks.jpeg
Swatch of Cagney Gold Flecked Manicure Duo before adding the Gold Flecks

However, you can turn pretty into all out glamorous just by turning the pen upside down toward the gold side.  First, you need to wait until the polish dries when touched before brushing a coat of that glitzy gold overs the nails.

Look at the effect below. Don’t you love how that bit of random gold sparkle jazzes up my nails?  

Cagney Gold Flecked Manicure Duo with gold flecks.jpeg
Cagney Gold Flecked Manicure Duo with gold flecks

This New York based brand is equally impressive in their attempt to feature boxes designed by new artists to give them  some well deserved exposure and a cut of the profits at the same time.  Luke Forshaw is the artist of the month for June 2014 with Ankle Biter.

Cagney Gold Flecked Manicure Duo with box.jpeg
Cagney Gold Flecked Manicure Duo with box

Do check out this fabulous new collection from LAQA & Co. because it can dress up your nails in fitting style to make YOU the toast of the party!


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  1. Julie Cutshaw
    June 24, 2014 / 12:35 pm

    Such a pretty nail color technic. I envy those who have pretty nails. Mine have always been as thin as paper but I still love wearing polish. I love creating art work on many levels & I think the creative possibilities now with nail care art is so pretty. Thanks for sharing :)

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