Summer 2014 Trind Caring Nail Colors and Keratin Treatment for Nails Kit Review

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Trind Nail Polish Remover, three nail polishes, and Keratin Treatment for nails
Trind Nail Polish Remover, three nail polishes, and Keratin Treatment for Nails

Some of us keep our nails always polished and looking like those hands modeled for a magazine.  Then again, there are people like yours truly that love the look of those fashionable, chic colors but suffer from weak or sensitive nails to complicate things.

When I was asked if I would be interested in trying Trind’s Keratin Treatment for Nails Kit along with some of this Dutch company’s other products, I was thrilled because of my own recurring problem with my nails splitting.  Through the years, I have tried to remedy this with various strengthening formulas, which didn’t do all that much for a long-term solution.

The Trind Keratin Treatment for Nails Kit ($45.95) is chemical free, using the protein Keratin to strengthen while moisturizing the nail. For those readers familiar with the company’s original Nail Repair, this strengthener is designed specifically for those with added sensitivity issues like damage from wearing artificial nails, or medicines, etc.  Thus, it also will take up to four weeks before you get the results that you’re after.

You get a bottle of Nail Restorer that you coat your nails with first before using the second bottle of Nail Protector, a shiny protective top coat.  I have used this kit for a couple of weeks and already noticed improvement with less nail breakage than usual! I will keep using this without question.

You can also follow up that Nail Protector, once completely dry, with nail polish like Trind’s Caring Color Nail Polishes ($13) that are formulated for optimum nail health.  I received Appletini (a fresh green), Surf’s Up (peacock blue), and Mint Julep (blue green bordering on aqua) from Trind’s Spring/Summer 2014 Collection.  

Trind Nail Polish in Mint Julep
This is Trind Caring Color Nail Polish in Mint Julep.

The bright colors are perfect in keeping with the season. They are easy to apply with a nice consistency of formula and the right size brush to handle the task.  However, I must admit these nail polishes aren’t the longest lasting nail polishes.  Wear gloves if you intend to wash dishes or do work around the house because your manicure will suffer.

Then again, once you see those happy colors, you might want to keep rotating just for fun with such dazzling Trind Caring Colors available on their website.  Pop over and find your strength in beautiful nails!

I also got a bottle of their Nail Polish Remover.  This formula is acetone free, extra mild and rids any flaws in a flash.   


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