SuperPretzel Softstix Pretzels Review

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SuperPretzel Softstix Cheddar.jpeg
SuperPretzel Softstik Cheddar

There are three delicious ways to satisfy your soft pretzel cravings while filling you up at the same time.  I am talking about SuperPretzel’s three new filled Softstix pretzels in Cheddar, Buffalo and Nacho flavors that I was sent for this review.

These bite-size soft pretzels may appear small, but they are packed with good things like Kraft Cheddar filling, jalapeño peppers for the hotter Cheddar flavor of Nacho, or the spicier Cheddar filling of Buffalo to make them more substantial than a plain snack.

SuperPretzel Softstix Buffalo.jpeg
SuperPretzel Softstix Buffalo

There are twelve of these filled pretzels per box.  You can heat them in the oven at 350-degrees for about five to seven minutes according to the box. However, I left these in for closer to ten minutes to thoroughly heat the cheese enough to get it piping hot and gooey when you bite in.  

SuperPretzel Softstix Nacho.jpeg
SuperPretzel Softstik Nacho

You can also prepare in the microwave, if desired.

As I mentioned, these are very filling and would be great to serve the guys when gathered around the television to watch their big games.   

My personal favorite was the Nacho flavor since I love all things hot.  My guy enjoyed plain Cheddar the best, but gobbled up the Buffalo before I had a chance to get a second.

If you like soft pretzels and want something that chase away the hunger more than a plain snack, I definitely encourage to try the SuperPretzel Softstix Pretzels!

Disclaimer: Free products were provided to facilitate this review–not my opinion.*


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