The Answer to Strengthening Weak Nails

The Answer to Strengthening Weak Nails
You don’t just want to use artificial means of strengthening weak nails. Examine your diet and the nutrients that you may be lacking can be a more permanent fix.


Over the last few years, I noticed my fingernails kept getting weaker and weaker with deeper ridges.  If that wasn’t bad enough, two of my nails were starting to look flat across and curve inward, which is far from beautiful. The only thing I could do was keep the nails short and keep experimenting with every nail reinforcing product that I could find in my quest to get my once beautiful nails back. The strength of them was so bad that I had to run for the nail file or scissors once or twice a day despite some of the products I had tried earlier.  Seriously, I didn’t understand why this awful change was happening or what was the best solution for strengthening weak nails.  Here is what helped.

Of course, I know that diet plays a role in the condition of nails.  However, who can really say if we have enough of the right nutrients to handle our unique body’s chemistry, especially with the way our foods are processed, preservatives, or any medicines that must be taken?

After I did some research, I found that biotin, (vitamin B 7), could be what I was lacking for strengthening weak nails. This particular vitamin helps the body’s metabolism to become better functioning for how it treats energy and transports carbon dioxide from the body’s cells.

Biotin can be found naturally in foods such as cooked eggs, nuts, sardines, legumes, nut butters, whole grains, mushrooms, bananas, and cauliflower.

Already the thought of what biotin could do to benefit my nails, stop hair loss and shedding that I lately was experiencing and, perhaps, even help with weight sounded promising.  The problem now was the dosage.

I picked up a bottle of the maximum strength 5,000 mcg. Though there is no known evidence of biotin interfering with medications, you may want to ask your physician before starting with any new supplements.

Please be careful in your choice of vitamins.  Look for a brand with some sort of quality seal to safeguard your health in what is a very unregulated industry.  Trust me on this, read those labels carefully because bad ones are still sold nationally alongside good ones and in stores where you shop.

I took one softgel a day.  I didn’t see any difference the first week.  By the second week, I started noticing a bit more strength when touching the nail surface.  It wasn’t as bouncy and frail.

Over the next two weeks, the condition of my nails improved more.  The deep ridges were giving way to finer ones while the two down curving nails were straightening themselves out with a rounder, normal curve.  I also wasn’t running for my nail file or scissors like before.

It has now been about six weeks and most of the old nail has grown out, leaving faint ridges, a normal curve to my nails again, and harder nails.  Furthermore, I haven’t been shedding as many hairs as before I started with biotin.

I honestly recommend anyone that is experiencing the same problems with their nails or even losing more hair than normal, should think of picking up a jar of biotin.  This really helped in strengthening weak nails and is still helping me.  I only hope this helps you in the same way.


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