Sally Hansen’s NEW Color Foil Nail Makeup Review + SWATCHES!

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From left to right is Titanium Flush (440), Liquid Gold (420), Purple Alloy (410), and ending with Sterling Silver (490).

Can you think of anything more complimentary to a summer tan than dazzling, metallic-looking fingernails to set it off?  If this excites you as much as it did me, then you would like Sally Hansen’s new collection of Color Foil Nail Makeup that recently hit store shelves.

I had the opportunity to test out four from the ten in this line of nail makeup, not polish with Purple Alloy (410), Titanium Flush (440), Liquid Gold (420), and Sterling Silver (490).

This is Liquid Gold (420).
Here is Liquid Gold (420). 

Since the manufacturer advises to skip both base and top coats when using this product, I changed my normal nail painting routine.  This nail makeup is easy to apply and does leave your nails with that high shine, chrome-like finish.

How do you like Purple Alloy (410)?

However, ridges and any nail deformities do show so you may want to buff beforehand. Fine ridges, on the other hand, do look like a design.

Meet Titanium Flush (440).

Some of the shades could be worn with one coat, but I also recommend two for richer color and more even coverage.  

Purple Alloy is 
a pretty lilac-violet. Titanium Flush is a vivid, bright pink.  Liquid Gold is a softer gold while Sterling Silver is a great way to wear metal.  

This is a fun way to accessorize fingernails like you do your jewelry for instant glam.

Look for the Color Foil Nail Makeup the next time you go shopping or visit Sally Hansen for more information.

*Disclaimer: Free products were provided to facilitate this review–not my opinion.*


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