The Next Time Hair Frizzes, Try Shine Products!

The Next Time Hair Frizzes, Try Shine Products!
Curls often come with frizz, but the tips below help.


Anyone that has curl to their hair can relate to the issue of battling frizz.  I happen to be one of them. However, did you know that shine products will give you not only extra gloss but they can come to your rescue on those extra difficult to manage hair days as a great frizzy hair fix?

The important thing to look for when buying that shine product is to make sure it contains silicone.  That particular synthetic ingredient will do wonders to tame the frizz since it will cause the hair cuticle to lie flat instead of out of control.

What I like to do is to carry a small bottle of shine spray with me in my handbag.  This simple preventive measure can do wonders to save your style from frizzing out when the humidity is on the rise.

You can opt to do the same thing with a shine serum that also happens to contain silicone.  I just think it is easier to just put out my spray and shoot to whip my unruly hair back in place.  If you have a problem of your hair getting too greasy after using shine serum, I have a solution that you need to try.

If you do prefer the serum form, I have a better way that you might want apply it.  Try rubbing just a tiny bit of the product into your hand and fingertips before running your moistened hand over the surface of that frizzy hair to distribute the serum evenly.  You might be surprised at how much better hair will be by incorporating shine products as a frizzy hair fix!

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