The Secrets of Beer Beauty 101!

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Before you drink, save some of that beer for your skin and hair. because it is a great beauty aid!

You probably heard beer is great to put in your hair while you lounge in the sun to bring out your hair’s natural highlights. However, there is so much more beer can do to help you beautify.

Take your feet.  If you’ve been standing or running around all day and are in need some soothing relief, beer can come to your rescue.  Get a basin, large bucket, or foot bath if you have one that can accommodate the size of your feet and pour in a few cold bottles.  I suggest parking in front of your television if possible while you are immersing those tired feet because you will want to linger.  

Before you know what’s happening, those bubbles from the beer’s carbonation process will kick in and provide stimulating relief.  Since beer also has yeast in its composition, the skin of your feet will benefit and soften a bit because of that ingredient.

You can also use beer to condition and style your hair.  If you have oily hair, beer can help cut down on your oil production when used a final rinse after your shampoo.

Beer makes a nice setting lotion directly after washing your hair. Your hair will hold a set better.  

Did you know that beer also adds protein to your hair? Therefore, it makes a fine volumizing conditioner.  You don’t have to use fresh.  If you have any stale beer on hand, pour some to your freshly washed hair as a final rinse.  Work it into the scalp thoroughly for about a minute before rinsing with cold water.  This little trick builds body and glossy luster.

Clear mascara is the standby to control wild eyebrows. Another area where beer can help you out is to tame eyebrows because it has just enough sticking power to hold those misbehaving hairs in line.

Milk baths are so pampering and fantastic ways to soften the skin.  Then again, have you ever tried lounging in a tub that you just added two bottles of beer?  You might be surprised at how smooth your skin will feel when treated to such an indulgence.  The darker variety is my preference since it has the more yeast for extra softening capability. 

Finally, there is one last beautifier that I want to share with you.  This one, however, is for shining up your gold jewelry, only the pieces without stones.  Beer can also make wonderful jewelry polish when used with a soft cloth to wipe a stoneless gold piece to care for it.


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