Review: COUI Skincare Super C Serum


COUI Skincare Super C Serum
COUI Skincare Super C Serum


Finding anti-aging products that work for you can be a feat. However, I have been using a wonderful new serum formulated by renowned biochemist, Dr. Hanna Siva for COUI Skincare called Super C Serum that just may be what you’re looking for to do your complexion justice.

**Disclaimer:  This post has been compensated.  Opinions are solely mine. **

Harnessing the power, Siva uses epidermal growth factor to help take aging skin to the next level along with vitamin C, marine kelp, collagen peptides, hyaluronic acid to repair and hydrate.

I kept COUI Skincare Super C Serum refrigerated as recommended for prolonging its shelf life. Keeping the product does make the serum cloudy and thick, more like a lotion consistency when dispersed from its dropper, but it does not affect the performance.

After using this serum twice a day for several weeks now, I am pleased to report that using two drops of this gentle formula that has slight citrus-like scent provided enough coverage for my entire face. This is not an oily serum, but one that after a minute or two on your skin and it absorbs in. I did follow with a moisturizer.

The change I noticed to my complexion was a bit more brightening with velvety softness, improvement to my fine lines, and a more refined skin texture and clarity, which was lovely to discover.  My two deeper wrinkles at the sides of my cheeks near the mouth still are here with me, though they also seem to be gradually filling as time goes on.

This product is advertised to be beneficial also for those with damaged skin such as acne, rosacea, sun damages, and age spots due to its healing properties.  Since I do not personally suffer from those conditions, I am hardly fit to attest to the accuracy of that claim.

COUI Skincare is also confident that you will love their Super C Serum that they giving Nuts 4 Stuff readers 30% off on the purchase price now until 9/30/2014 when you enter coupon code 8UWV5UGK at checkout!

What I can tell you that is I thought it was a wonderful anti-aging product that does multitask to rejuvenate your skin.  Do try COUI Skincare’s Super C Serum for yourself and see if this is the formula that also works for you!





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