Review: Coast to Coast Ultra Soothing Aqua Serum, Lightweight Moisture Lotion and Ultra Soothing White Clay Mask

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Coast to Coast Ultra Soothing Aqua Serum.jpeg
Coast to Coast Ultra Soothing Aqua Serum

Sun protection may be a prime factor to prevent aging skin. Nonetheless, if you happen to have a sensitive complexion like me you can have problems with some ingredients in sunscreens or moisturizers more than others.  However, I got to sample some three wonderful products from a new brand called Coast to Coast that worked very well for quenching dryness of my delicate skin while providing gentle sun protection without any irritation.

This Australian company with their natural skin care line makes use of marine extracts, botanicals, and vitamins featuring organic ingredients and 100% natural essential oils to keep their formulas pure enough for even those with the most stressed complexions.  You will not find any artificial colors, fragrances, parabens, petrochemicals, propylene glycol, paraffin, phthalates, mineral oil, PABA or DEA.

Their Ultra Soothing Aqua Serum ($39.99) was the first product I tried in the regime. Two drops of this clear skin-boosting serum with Tasmanian sea kelp, sea parsley, vitamin E, and sodium hyaluronate immediately comforted my skin without leaving me greasy before I layered some of their Lightweight Moisturizer Lotion ($29.99). 

For a lightweight formula, this product surprised me with how much hydration I got upon application.  The Lightweight Moisturizer Lotion with sun screen and UV filters has Tasmanian sea kelp, sea parsley, organic aloe and lavender among its beneficial ingredients.

Coast to Coast Lightweight Moisture Lotion.jpeg
Coast to Coast Lightweight Moisture Lotion

Finally, I received their Ultra Soothing White Clay Mask ($24.99). Clay masks usually are too drying for skin like mine, but this felt lightly tingly instead of intensely pulling. I kept this one on for about twelve minutes before rinsing it off.  This mineral-rich mask was nice for energizing my skin, removing impurities, and improving how it glowed.

Coast to Coast Ultra Soothing White Clay Mask.jpeg
Coast to Coast Ultra Soothing White Clay Mask

These products are meant for all skin types.  As I mentioned, I have dry skin that does like to act up at times due to my allergies and these products had enough soothing power for me. Do find Coast to Coast at ULTA Beauty and stop suffering needlessly.


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