Laqa & Co. Nail Polish Pens (Nookie, BMX Bandit) + Polish Remover Pads Review–Photos and SWATCHES!

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Here is Nookie that I am holding and wearing in the top and bottom photos.

Laqa & Co. happens to be one of my favorite nail polish brands for how well they wear. Besides, their colors are trendy and beautiful like the two shades of their Nail Polish Pens (Nookie and BMX Bandit) that I received for this review.

Nookie ($14) is a riveting berry-fuschia color with packaging artwork by James Roper.  

Modeling  Laqa & Co. Nail Polish Pen in Nookie.jpeg
Here I’m wearing Nookie.

BMX Bandit ($13), on the other hand, is a gentle red.  The packaging art was done by FOE.

This one is BMX Bandit.

This was my first experience using a polish pen.  After shaking the pen, I needed to click the colored end about eight times or so before the polish flowed.  Painting was more of a challenge because if you clicked out too much, it made for messy application. If you clicked out a smaller amount, then it was harder to paint the nails evenly. However, I rectified the problem by going over the missed spots when I gave myself a second coat.

Though both shades are striking and handy, especially if you travel, I do prefer the Laqa Nail Polishes more since they are easier to do.  

I also got to try out their Polish Remover Pads ($5.95). These are wonderful for removing all my mistakes quickly while I was getting the hang of this new form of painting with pens.  Do check these out because they do make short work out of dissolving polish and also would be the ideal size for packing when you travel with those polish pens.  

Laqa & Co. Polish Remover Pads.jpeg
Laqa & Co. Polish Remover Pads.

You will find these and more Laqa Nail Polish Pens, Nail Polish and Polish Remover Pads at  Laqa & Co.  

*Disclaimer: Free products were provided to facilitate this review–not my opinion.*


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