Homemade Cellulite Coffee Scrub Helps Smooth Skin

Coffee and coffee beans
Coffee is delicious as a beverage but quite helpful when it comes to combating cellulite.


Cellulite is a problem for most women. Our attempt trying to flush out those trapped fat and toxins that make for that uneven, dimpled skin is an ongoing battle for us.  However, if you ever investigated ingredients of some of those high price cellulite creams for this problem, you might come to notice that caffeine shows up in quite a few of them.  Therefore, I think that you are going to love this homemade cellulite coffee scrub of mine.

The reason caffeine can help smooth out those unsightly humps and bumps is because it has the power to temporarily increase blood flow to the skin’s surface as it tightens skin so it can flush the water in the connective tissue. You might think of caffeine as your body’s own liquid plumber.

My homemade cellulite coffee scrub recipe that I want to share with you won’t get rid of your cellulite forever because your body will keep building more. You just need to keep at it with new batches of my scrub, which will at least keep this problem at bay for you.

You don’t have to waste money on using fresh ground coffee for my recipe unless you want to.  I brew a pot to enjoy first before saving my used and cooled coffee grounds for this purpose.

You will spread this grainy paste on first, then cover the area with a plastic wrap, leaving on for at 30 minutes before scrubbing with it.

What this homemade cellulite coffee scrub does is help increase circulation and tone as it softens the skin in the process.  I do hope you try it and see for yourself what a better appearance you’ll have when you examine yourself in a full-length mirror.

You also might want to read another post of mine for more strategies to fight cellulite.


Homemade Cellulite Coffee Scrub


3 tablespoons of olive oil
3 tablespoons of wheat germ oil
½ cup of coffee grounds


Mix the coffee grounds, olive oil and wheat germ oil together in a bowl to form a thick, grainy paste.

Stand in your tub as you apply this scrub.Keep your plastic wrap handy and then wrap the treated area.  Keep this wrap on for about 30 minutes and then report back to the bathroom for scrubbing with it, using upward, circular motions.  Keep working at those scrubbing motions for about five to ten minutes.

Rinse off with warm water and finish bathing as usual.



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  1. Yvonne Woodstock
    December 12, 2014 / 3:50 am

    Thank you for this recipe. I have been looking online to possibly buy some coffee scrubs to smooth the legs on my butt and legs. It's nice to have such a simple, inexpensive recipe, one can make right at home. manifestmiracles@live.com

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