One Drugstore Beauty BB Cream You Got to Try–New York Color’s Smooth Skin BB Creme Review

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New York Color’s Smooth Skin BB Cremes.jpeg
NYC New York Color’s Smooth Skin BB Creme with Medium on the left and Light on the right.

When looking for an exceptional BB cream you may think only the high-end brands can suffice to blur out flaws, hydrate and brighten your complexion.  However, I say give NYC New York Color’s Smooth Skin BB Creme a shot because this product is definitely worth trying.

Since I heard that the Light (01) shade was practically white-beige, I wanted to sample both choices to see which was more appropriate for my fair to light beige complexion. Light (01) was an ideal match.  The Medium (02) is a slightly darker beige and closer to a light-medium than a true medium.

Medium (02) is on the left with Light (01) on the right.

Some might assume a $3.99 price for this product could hardly make it capable of delivering the kind of glowing, dewy coverage that you need.  Yet, this BB Cream may surprise you in how well its thicker formula masks little imperfections with medium coverage as it evens out and brightens your complexion in the process.

My face looked fresher as well without appearing like I had on makeup.  In fact, this great natural coverage didn’t settle in lines to amplify them during the hours I wore it, which also impressed me.  Furthermore, when I took this product off, my face felt somewhat softer to the touch as well.

The only fault that I can find regarding this product is that unlike the more expensive formulations that it does not possess any SPF protection.  Still, you can remedy that problem easily enough by adding your sunscreen separately or through your SPF daily moisturizer.

If you’re looking to experiment with a new and very reasonable BB Cream that delivers, I highly recommend trying NYC New York Color’s Smooth Skin BB Creme!  

*Disclaimer: Free products were provided to facilitate this review–not my opinion.*


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