A More Exact Way to Buy the Lipstick Color You Want

What woman doesn’t have her share of lipstick blunders?  

Even before I started beauty blogging, I had accumulated quite a collection of tubes just trying to find just the right flattering pink hue to compliment a dress for an important event. However, I learned something along the way of how to increase your chances of coming home with that perfect lipstick color you are after.

Just find that certain lipstick color that you admired from all those others that you think will work and buy it.  The secret of getting that exact color in the tube on your lips is to prime them with just a little of your foundation first.  That tad of makeup will neutralize your underlying natural lip color and provide the plain backdrop you need to paint the true color as seen in that lipstick.

Try my suggestion and you will save yourself time, trouble, and money buying lipsticks that you aren’t happy with!  


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