Review: Dermesse Vitamin C Serum 10% and Tropical Sunscreen SPF 55

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Dermesse Vitamin C Serum 10% 

Dermesse is a line of skin care that not long ago you could only buy at a dermatologist’s or plastic surgeon’s office. Fortunately, the brand is now online and available to the public.  I had a chance to try two of their products: Vitamin C Serum 10% and Tropical Sunscreen SPF 55

The Dermesse Vitamin C Serum 10% is enriched with plenty of antioxidants chosen for how they counteract skin-damaging effects of free radicals on the complexion. With this higher strength of vitamin C, this serum helps build even more collagen for recapturing a younger appearance.

Some serums can leave your skin with more of a moist feeling.  The Dermesse Vitamin C Serum, on the other hand, dries completely into your skin.  It was not greasy or sticky, but smooth feeling when I touched the surface of my face. You will want to apply your day moisturizer and night cream for lubrication because this does not give you any.

I used two drops twice daily for quite some time now.  What I noticed after the initial first few weeks were my pores looked like they were shrinking and my complexion had a healthier overall peach glow.  A few more weeks into it, my pores practically disappeared from view with how very fine they became.  I must say if you want to see a prettier skin texture with a boost in radiance, you would like the Dermesse Vitamin C Serum 10% ($68).  

As to anti-aging effects, I did not notice too much in that area to chirp about.  The two deep wrinkles at the sides of my mouth looked about the same.  The only other place I have some creasing is near my eyes, which are a few fine lines. However, I only like to apply a product specifically designed for the eye there so I skipped the area.

The other Dermesse Tropical Sunscreen SPF 55 ($38) was also wonderful for how gentle the formula treated my skin. Even with my allergies, I didn’t experience any sensitivity. Those also with allergies know how sunscreens can irritate us.  This formula has aloe and green tea and is suitable for children six months and older to give you a clue as to how delicate it is.

Dermesse sells full skin care systems, acne treatments, anti-aging formulas, eye care, sun protection, moisturizers and cleansers in the same prescription and non-prescription strength products, only now you can buy these same products online instead of at your doctor’s office.  Do check the Dermesse website!


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