How to Better Conceal a Blemish

How to Better Conceal a Blemish Stick Concealer
A blemish always seems to pop up at the worse times. However, these tips can help make them less of a problem.


Don’t you hate when your face is clear and then suddenly you get what feels like a massive pimple to ruin your day?  If you want to hide a blemish better, then here are a few suggestions that help to make it appear more discreet.

First, you might want to try masking the redness just as you would with bloodshot eyes with a drop or two of eye drops like Visine.  Believe it or not, it helps reduce the redness since it constricts the blood vessels.  The only thing I advise is to drop the eye drops on a cotton swab and dot only on the pimple instead of directly from the bottle.  After all, you want to keep a healthy flow of blood still going to the rest of your complexion.

When it comes time to do your makeup, you would be better off saving your liquid concealer for under your eyes and turning to a stick form.  The liquid formulas provide lighter coverage than the heavier consistency of a stick concealer.

Another helpful thing is to use an oil-free concealer with salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide or sulfur in the formula, if you have it in your stash.  Since I only used to break out infrequently such as before an important date, like a pending interview, I always just went with a regular stick concealer, instead of running out and buying something special.

Now the real trick to better conceal a blemish is the application.  For this, I recommend using a clean eyeliner brush over your fingers or a concealer brush.  The reason an eyeliner brush is what you want is because its tiny size will give you the control you need to be artistic.  You just might be surprised at how much more accurate you can be as you dab so just the right amount of concealer goes on without piling on too much, which only does the reverse by calling attention to the problem.

I do hope your face stays beautifully clear and you won’t need to try this advice.  However, if you do find yourself under attack by a blemish, then please do give this trick a shot because it does help.


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