How to Pick Perfect Nail Colors for Skin Tone

How to pick perfect nail colors for skin tone


With all the dazzling shades of nail polishes at our disposal, it can be quite difficult to always pick out the perfect nail colors to best suit our skin tones.  However, here is a suggestion to keep in mind before making your next selection. Though you may be tempted by all the beautiful shades of color before your eyes, you’ll get  the most compliments by utilizing the colors that won’t contrast with your natural coloring.  If you stick to this plan, then you’ll be happier with the results.

Fair skin ladies should check out colors of polish that have blue undertones.  Look for shades such as cool berry reds or bluish pinks to maximize your beauty.  Concentrating on that range of nail colors is what would work best for your skin tone.

If you happen to have olive skin, you want colors with warm undertones.  Shades such as corals with some yellow in the mix, yellow-based pinks or sheers that are on the white-pink side will compliment you the best.

Dark-skinned ladies can steal the show when your hands flash with vibrant pinks, dark purples, warm browns, nudes, reds, and creamy beige tones.

Take my advice, this method on how to pick perfect nail colors based on your skin tone will look amazing.  At the same time, it will also make you feel prettier!

As we all probably have experienced at one time or another, there are some nail polishes that can stain.  If you want to avoid that from happening in the future or how to deal with that problem now, I suggest read my other post on how to fix polish stained nails.


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