Why Drinking Too Much Water Can Backfire When Trying to Satisfy Hunger

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Water can be your friend as well as enemy if you overdo.

Anyone that is trying to lose weight knows how difficult it is to satisfy that urge to eat. Instead of hunting through your kitchen or pantry for something that could sabotage your efforts, you might try to fill up on water.

Naturally, water with zero calories seems like the perfect choice.  After all, we are told to drink our six glasses to keep our system flushed and our skins hydrated.  By doing so, you also will find the pounds will drop off more quickly as well.

However, what you don’t know is what can happen once you overdue that H2O.  You can end up with water intoxication (hyponatraemia), and need to be hospitalized to
get your sodium and electrolyte levels that you flushed out back to normal.

How do you know if you are drinking too much water?  If you find yourself running to the bathroom every half hour or so, then you definitely are at risk for dizziness, confusion, and seizures or cardiac problems.  

All that I am saying is to be careful and keep this advice in mind. Otherwise, you may find yourself skinnier, but hooked up to intravenous drip bags of sodium and those lost other electrolytes! 


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