Review: Dermaflage Topical Perfecting Filler Kit

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Dermaflage Topical Perfecting Filler Kit.jpeg
Dermaflage Topical Perfecting Filler Kit

People spend a lot of money injecting Botox into their wrinkles. However, I consider introducing a botoulinum toxin into your body just for this purpose risky business.  

Though Dermaflage is primary thought of to help conceal scars, I had wanted to see how it would work on wrinkles when I was approached to review it.  

I was sent their ($50) kit to experiment with.  The products include a small 4ml bottle of Primer, two applicators, application tools, a texture pad, a bag of twenty mixing tips, and the clear makeup bag to store them in.

Dermaflage Topical Perfecting Filler Kit, unboxed.jpeg
Dermaflage Topical Perfecting Filler Kit, unboxed

After cleansing my face, I brushed on tiny bit of the primer to that one line that has popped up to annoy me between my brows.  According to the directions, you need to wait at least thirty seconds before proceeding with the actual fill-up and that I did.

The texture pad comes in a plastic compact, which also serves a mixing dish for I was about to do next–the repair. For this, I needed to twist the top of one of the applicator tubes that had one side of silicone and the other contained the color (Fair).

Once opened, I attached a mixing tip and gave the applicator a very small squeeze to the lid of that compact.  You can also apply directly from the applicator and spread in this filler with your finger, but  I got a long mixing tool and hurried to combine the mixture and work because this stuff does dry quickly.  (The company advises thirty seconds, which was about right or maybe a few seconds less by my clock.)

Depending on the shape and size of the area to be filled, you have two uniquely shaped tools to choose from.  I went with the spatula-like precision tip for my line.  

My tip is deciding beforehand the tool you need and keep it close because you don’t want to waste time and let this product sit or use too much.  You need it on as fast as you can and use a very little so keep this in mind.

Smoothing my job with that tool, I allowed it to dry for about another thirty seconds before holding the texture pad over my work for about a minute.  Don’t put too much pressure because it will mess up your application.

When I later checked, I was quite impressed for my first time because only a trace of a line remained.  Now Dermaflage ($50) is not a permanent solution and lasts approximately thirty-six hours.  Yet, it is a safer alternative than injecting yourself with a neurotoxin like Botox that also is temporary–only lasting for about three months.  To find out more or to buy, do visit Dermaflage.

*Disclaimer: Free products were provided to facilitate this review–not my opinion.*


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