Kushyfoot Fall 2014 Legwear Collection Review

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Kushyfoot Winter Tights and Trouser Socks.jpeg
Kushyfoot Shaping Tights (left), Fleece Trouser Socks  (middle) and Fashion Tights (right)

Functional chic is how I would describe Kushyfoot’s legwear for this season with styles of various flattering tights and cozy trouser socks.  

The assortment I received for this review was the Shaping Tights with Massaging Sole ($9.99) that comes in black and designed for improving the figure.  I also got a pair of the Fashion Tights (Ribbed) with Massaging Sole that could add an extra edge to an outfit.  Last of all, I found a pair of the Fleece Trouser Socks ($5.99), which are thicker than tights and stretchy with a soft lining to keep feet toasty among the items.  

Whether you like the look of an Opaque leg to one that is ribbed or has a chevron motif, Diamond pattern to a Fishet design, or even fleece lined to shaping tights, the company has a style of tights for you.  This collection also includes fishnet and fleece lined trouser socks.

These legwear styles range in price from $5.99-$9.99 around the nation and online.  Check them and the more than 40 styles available at the Kushyfoot website.


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