Lingerie Startup ADORE ME Knows How to Play Up a Woman’s Shape–Review of the Megan Kimono Robe

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Megan Kimono Robe on a hanger.jpeg
Megan Kimono Robe from Adore Me

Shopping for lingerie can be time consuming.  It also can be frustrating when the selection is limited and you have a certain style in mind.  However, there may be a simple solution and it’s called Adore Me.

Modeling Megan Kimono Robe by Adore Me.jpeg
Take a look at my new Megan Kimono Robe.  This is fresh out of the box.  

Adore Me is an online retailer of lingerie that offers customers two ways to shop.  Either you can become an Adore Me VIP member with access to your own showroom where new items based on your preferences appear each month for you to view in a discounted monthly subscription of $39.95 or for $49.95 per selection as a Pay as You Go customer.

Of course, you also must enter a credit card number first as a VIP member before gaining admission to your showroom. This is where you need to either buy or skip from the selections by the fifth of every new month, which includes free shipping and returns.  With every sixth purchase, you will get another $39.95 selection for free. 

Now that you have a basic understanding of how Adore Me works, I will share my thoughts on the lovely Megan Kimono Robe that I selected.  Though it looks and feels like high shine satin, the pretty rosy-red fabric is 100% polyester with wide, graceful Kimono sleeves, pockets on each side, and a slash tie closure. This garment is also machine washable. The fit was on target.  It draped nicely to hug your curves while being very comfortable.  

Adore Me has lots of other gorgeous lingerie from bras, panties, corsets, sleepwear, extra sexy items too plus sizes waiting to tempt me.  If this sounds like your kind of lingerie store or you intend to do some holiday gift shopping, then do check out all that Adore Me has to offer. 


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