Review: Mally Beauty Pro-Tricks Correcting Palette (Lighter)

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Mally Beauty Pro-Tricks Correcting Palette (Lighter)

Each of us knows what we consider our best features and those other features we think less of.  However, learning how to fool the eye with makeup to cast highlights and shadows can dramatically alter a face.  I had the opportunity to put Mally Beauty’s Pro-Tricks Correcting Palette to see how it would work for just that purpose.

Mally Beauty’s Pro-Tricks Correcting Palette has three shades in one compact with a lighter highlight shade, a middle shade that is a bit darker, and then a deeper color for contouring. Being fair-skinned, I went with the Lighter version of this palette over the Deeper one.

I prepped first with this palette of what Mally Roncal terms “war paint” before my foundation and the rest of my makeup. I began with the darkest and brushed some of this creamy shade underneath my jaw line, in the hollows of my cheeks, down the sides of my nose, and under the tip of my nose to create the illusions I needed. 

Next, I went with the lightest color for the top of my cheekbones, in the center of my forehead, under my eyes, at the bridge of my nose, underneath the eyebrows, and at the center of my chin.  You can also mix both light shades for the under eye area depending on your coloring, but I preferred using the palest color along. 
Afterwards, I dabbed on my foundation and normal under eye concealer before I finally went to work blending everything together.  At once, I noticed my face went from being oval to having more chiseled cheeks, a higher forehead, a slimmer nose, and a lift in the eye area. I finished off with my other cosmetics and really liked what I saw in the mirror using this palette.

Find Mally Beauty’s Pro-Tricks Correcting Palette ($40) at Mally Beauty or QVC.  Do look for this product because it really comes in handy for helping you do a little face magic!


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  1. Donna Jacoby
    October 18, 2014 / 8:35 pm

    I've wanted to use one of these palettes but wasn't sure how. Thank you for sharing!

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