Memebox Scentbox #5 Tropical Fruits Review + NEW LINES & OCTOBER 2014 Coupon Codes!

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Memebox Scentbook #5 Tropical Fruits

This time DHL delivered my new Memebox before I had any clue to what this hot pink package of Korean beauty contained.  But, I wasn’t clueless for long because once I cut through that package, the most delicious fragrances seeped through that cardboard box.

According to the card, the enticing assortment was Memebox Scentbox #5 Tropical Fruits. Inside it brought five products that were like taking an instant vacation to tropical paradise as I inhaled and examined each one.

This is another sold out box that went for $15 plus $6.99 shipping.  Listen to what you missed so that next time, you can be prepared to leap once another Memebox Scentbox becomes available.

Memebox Scentbox #5 Tropical Fruits:

1.  Boutique Bebe Coconut Pack (100g) Full Size–$20.00

2.  Ladykin Twinklight Soft Foam Cleansing Kiwi (100ml)–Full Size–$10.00

3.  KONAD Niju Mango Moisture Hand Cream (60ml)–Full Size–$6.00

4.  KONAD Scented Polish (10ml)–Full Size–$6.00

5.  Evas Vitamin Body Wash (200ml)–Full Size–$6.00

 Total Value: $48.00

This was my first time sampling anything from Boutique Bebe with their awesome all natural coconut oil facial soap, Coconut Pack.  My skin looked like it had a mini facial after washing with it.  They recommend using this creamy indulgence twice a week to help keep the pores this tiny. Check it out here while this super soap on sale from $40.00 for two bars to $17 and you’ll see what I mean.  

The Ladykin Cleansing Kiwi is a hydrating foaming cleanser with a kiwi scent that rinses grime and makeup off with a few puffs of it and some water. 

The KONAD Hand Cream was a delight with both its mango scent and how well the rich cream healed dry, rough hands.  

The KONAD Nail Polish, a deep red, was lychee scented.  I didn’t try this or any scented polish yet and can’t wait to see how that works.  I will paint my nails as soon as I complete my nail polish reviews.

Finally, I got the EVAS Body Wash in strawberry.  This juicy scent of those strawberries makes me hungry, but it is so pleasant to bathe with, surrounded by lots of foamy, strawberry bubbles!

Have you checkout out Time on My Lips, the newest addition to Memebox for doing gradient lips in a hybrid gel formula. This is the company’s own product done with Korean cult beauty brand, RE: CIPE.

Garden of Eden is also new to Memebox with natural skin care for a healthier, dazzling complexion.  

Be sure to check out the USA  beauty exclusives in the USA Shop.

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